Peter har gjort över 150 föreläsningar och reflekterande workshops i 16 länder på 5 kontinenter.

En fullständig referenslista lämnas ut vid behov.

På denna sida finns ett urval av citat från Peters kunder.

“Just had the privilege to listen to a very inspirational lecture by Peter Åberg. Highly recommended”
Per Thöresson, Former Ambassador for the Swedish Permanent Mission to United Nations in New York. Sweden’s current Ambassador in Germany

“I know that I speak for my colleagues at the Embassy as well for the representatives for all of the Swedish companies here in Czech Republic when I say that your speech was not only inspiring but also deeply moving. We have never had so many guests for a business breakfast here at the Embassy and our only problem now is to how to be able to repeat this success. We have to think, very hard!"
Annika Jagander, Former Swedish Ambassador in Czech Republic. Sweden´s current Ambassador in Latvia.

”As national team captain for the U24 national team I invited Peter to talk about his life journey and how to reach the goals of your dreams during one of our national team training weekends. There were 50 people in the audience between 16 to 50 years old. I got excellent feedback and many came to me afterwards and were very positive and impressed by Peter’s speech. We did several times during the weekend come back to Peter’s speech and his learning experiences. I can highly recommend Peter to everybody.”
Christoffer Carlsson, National Team Captain U24

“Thank you very much for a very inspirational speech” “It was fantastic to have you with us”
Michel Brygiewicz, Director Information and Communication, Swedish Children’s Cancer Association. Yvonne Nordlind, Manager Advice and Support, Swedish Children´s Cancer Association

“Thank you very much Peter for your presentation. It was truly inspiring and overwhelming. We are happy to be your reference and we will gladly open any door for you to Business Sweden’s offices around the world.
Olof Hällerman, General Manager, Business Sweden Mexico

”All the people in my team have raised their views and started to appreciate the peaks around us every week. Peter´s workshop gave us many learnings and it was very interesting to find synergies in your own goals, the team’s goals and the company goals. We are humble for work and our life & strive for balance and to see the joys in smaller steps forward and the importance to give each other credit for each step. You helped me to capture the essence and helped me to build one UNIT”.
Stefan Blom, Global Sales Director, Regin

“Peter Åberg is one of the very best speakers I have ever got the opportunity to experience. His enormous capacity to capture the entire audience from the first second is amazing. Peter has experienced many things that very few of us have not even been close to and despite this he continues to inspire and give enthusiasm to other people with his enormous drive and positive spirit. He is an amazing speaker with rhetorical skills that makes you to enjoy the moment, a drive that inspires and he takes you on a journey were you sometimes laughs and sometimes you feel your tears coming from your eyes. This speech has inspired me on many different levels and I can with the warmest of my heart recommend him as a speaker. I am so happy to have meet you”
Cecilia Schiött, Club Captain, Association of Executive Assistants Malmö

“Thank you very much for your speech that really was something out of the ordinary. You gave us an extraordinary speech with many areas that we all can relate to in our private as well as in our working life. At the same time, your speech was filled with joy, passion for life and humor. We were many people in the audience that were stunned of thoughts, feelings and reflections after your speech. You show us that nothing is impossible in real life.”
Anna Kjällquist-Petrisi, Specialist Intensive Care Nurse, Clinical Teacher and Mentor, Organizer for Region Skånes SIVA days 2018

“It’s a fantastic story and should be told to anyone who sometimes feel that work and even life itself is too hard to bare. It is true that life goes up and down but Peters story teaches us that there is always a way up, especially if we seize all the positive moments that occurs”
Jonas Lindström, Managing Director Swedish Brazilian Chamber of Commerce’

“Thank you Peter Aberg. We loved having you and it was a truly touching and inspiring to listen to you. A perfect frame for our graduation party. I will be happy to give you references and recommendations, any day. ”
Ebba Fåhraeus, Professional Board Director and Managing Director Smile Incubator

“I am extremely thankful for the day that our team had together with you. It was very inspiring and a perfect setting for us based on were our team is right now….Thank you very much for your speech. It was a very giving and strong speech”
Mikael Jeppsson, Sports & Club Manager, Malmö FBC Niklas Lauritzen, Head Coach, Malmö FBC

“We are very happy that you specifically recommended Peter to us. His lecture was a perfect match for our event. We see him as a humble person and a very credible speaker. You can really tell that he is excellent on stage and that he has performed many times. He has the ability to get the audience in a comfortable mode and be interested in his speech. All we have spoken to afterwards have been very happy with his speech.”
Anna Norrman, Landskrona Stad.

”What an adventure Peter. I am so impressed”
Jens Lyckman, General Manager Clarion Hotel Malmö Live. Spoke at a staff event

“Peter is a very inspiring person, generously offering is personal experiences to the audience. We listened to his breathtaking journeys thought the world but most important message was how little we know of the future. Take care, live life to the full but make sure to appreciate the little things and your loved ones. Thank you for reminding us of that.
Anna Thulin, COO Feelgood

“I invited Peter as motivational speaker for about 70 people, which I am very glad that I did. Peter is filled with energy and has a very captivating and engaging way of speaking while he addresses many aspects of life. His vivid presentation reminds the audience about what is most important in life when he encourages living it fully. The feedback from the audience was extremely positive and no one seems to have been left untouched by his appearance. I can heartily recommend Peter as motivator and speaker that starts new thoughts. He inspires to action and his talk is a benefit for a wide range of audiences”
Cecilia Kindborg, Manager Plant Quality McNeil AB

“We are very pleased with our performance. Everybody were touched about your journey and inspiring way of telling it”
Helen Palmqvist, Malmö Stad, Organizer of Ekonomdagen

”Thank you for an amazing start this Friday morning. What an engagement and participation from the audience. The whole room was filled. Warmest thanks to Peter Åberg for an inspiring and captive speech. I have received many positive comments during all the morning after your speech”
Helena Wiktor, Business Area Manager, Find finance

“A big thank you for your very inspiring and fantastic speech”
Yasmine Foit, Nordea Bank, A private event in cooperation with Nyföretagarcenter Syd

“When you hear Peter you will be stimulated to take on new challenges. He talks about life´s sudden twists in an exciting way. I myself had the pleasure of see and hear Peter doing his lecture twice and hope I get the chance even more times in the future. For those of you who have not had the opportunity yet to see and hear Peter I really want to recommend you to go to Peters lecture. Highly recommended.”
Cecilie Braendshoi, Sales Manager Grand Hotel, Hotel Lundia & Hotel Finn

“A warm and heartily thank you for performing at our event last Monday. Your speech was highly appreciated and inspired to many thoughts”
Lars Erik Skjutare, Former Bank President and responsible for Swazi Children Fund Raiser